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YoRent offers the Customer with a wide range of products to choose - starting from Cameras, Bikes, Laptops and Games to Charger, Mobile and Game CD. The Products in our platform are populated based on distance and popularity, hence the customer can rent the best product and service closer to their community.Customers have the choice to choose COD or Online Payment while booking. On selection of Online Payment, the amount received from the customer remains with YoRent until the transaction successfully completes, so you can safely make the rentals a hassle-free process.


You can rent Cameras ranging from point and shoot to advanced full frame and mirror less cameras with ranges of lenses.
Yorent is a Peer to Peer online rental platform in Bangalore, which includes posting, renting, online payments, Cash on Delivery, Delivery and Pickup Options and insurance protection. Easy to Upload, Manage, Update and view your rentals & postings from your personalized Dashboard. Product and User verification done, as YoRent values your products as much as you do.
Yorent can be used by anyone who likes to Rent Bike,Camera, Games or anything he/she needs to can use our platform form the lowest pricing and direct from People.And If you are doing Rental Business in Bangalore or a home maker or a student or a professional, everyone can use Yorent to share the products and earn additional income.
Yorent acts as a medium between an Owner and a Renter by providing services which will help them Rent and Rent out their Products. Anyone who is in the business of renting or has some idle products at their place can use our Platform.
Yorent can be used by anyone who would like to Rent Products for their Requirement.
Yorent can be used by anyone who would like to Rent Productsss for their Requirement.
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